Friday, January 19, 2018

International Education Center 

The International Education Center (IEC) located in his father’s hometown of Bamenda, Cameroon, was founded by the Suh family in 2004. The family had been giving and maintaining the school until the Ndamukong Suh Family Foundation officially adopted the school in 2010. The NSFF donates electronic equipment, books, paper, student uniforms and any other items that may be of greatest need annually.

The 119 students in attendance range from Nursery 1 to Primary 6, which is comparable to an elementary school in the United States. The curriculum is focused on development and preparation for secondary school. The cost to send a child to IEC for one academic year is approximately $210 for annual school fees, books, a backpack and a school uniform. If you are interested in contributing to a child’s education, donate here.

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Jamaica Donations 

In September of 2012 NSFF donated  clothing, pencils, erasers, notebooks, glue sticks and many more items to  Jamaican schools in need. Every year NSFF grows their philanthropic ventures in Spanish Town, Kingston and other Jamaican cities.


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